Shandong Sinofarm business started in 1998, and loaded in Jinxiang, Shandong, China. We have dedicated ourselves to being a reliable supplier of fresh garlic and ginger from the very start. With continuous development and expansion, we could supply the following products stably, including fresh and peeled garlic, fresh and air dried ginger, fresh and peeled onion, fresh carrot, fresh chestnut...

We established a global sales network and built long-term relationships with customers in nearly 30 countries and regions. We always insist on providing healthy and high-quality food for consumers. And Shandong Sinofarm has many international quality system qualifications such as GLOBALGAP, BRC and ISO. 

Now Shandong Sinofarm have become a professional and top supplier of fresh garlic and ginger in China. And we always dedicate ourselves to being a trustworthy and honest partner to growers, a dependable and innovative supplier to customers.


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